Hotel Villa Cayo Naranjo, Aerial View

Hotel Villa Cayo Naranjo

Hotel Villa Cayo Naranjo (also known as Bungalow Birancito, a copy of the Fidel Castro home in Birán, Holguin) is a small two-bedroom house with all the equipment needed by those who love the sea, underwater expeditions and water sports in general.

Hotel Villa Cayo Naranjo, Marina

Cayo Naranjo, a tourist beach resort in the eastern Cuban province of Holguín, forms part of an expanding strategy in the leisure industry and provides visitors with an incredibly beautiful setting and the surprise of finding an aquarium in the sea.

Hotel Villa Cayo Naranjo, Dolphins Show

Cayo Naranjo is the centrepiece of the Nature Reserve Bahia de Naranjo and location of the Aquarium Cayo Naranjo.

Hotel Villa Cayo Naranjo, Bungalow Birancito

This beautiful cay is accessible from the nearby coast by speedboats that transport visitors interested in watching the most diverse marine life, and even enjoying a refreshing swim with dolphins.

Hotel Villa Cayo Naranjo, Aquarium Show

Hotel Villa Cayo Naranjo is the perfect pplace to take a long and quiet rest in the middle of the sea and surrounded by cuban nature.

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